Car #31 J. Kopecky / P. Dresler (ŠKODA Fabia R5): “The feeling is very nice, it is amazing. CZech fans are everywhere. Thanks a lot for their support and thanks to the team. The weekend did not start off completely perfect, but then we were fast on Friday and not many mistakes and we won”.

Car #4 A. Mikkelsen / A. Jaeger-Synnevaag (Hyundai i20 Coupè WRC): “The driving was not so bad, but the line was terrible, I had to make my own lines in many of the corners. The WRC cars can now follow and have a better exit, I do not know. “.

Car #2 E. Evans / D. Barritt (Ford Fiesta WRC): “Just struggled to get out in some places, overall all OK. Pretty frustrating weekend. The mistake on Friday morning has made it a tough weekend to be honest. Looking forward to Finland now”

Car #3 T. Suninen / M. Markkula (Ford Fiesta WRC): “Next one is Finland, I have been struggling in the slow sections here. In Finland we don’t have. I hope I can fight for the podium, a long time to go I need to prepare well for the rally. I want to get a better weekend than this. I hope my team mate can win today, it is nice to work with him and it would be good for the team”.

Car #8 O. Tanak / M. Jarveoia (Toyota Yaris WRC): “Frustrating. That is life sometimes, if we can put these hard moments behind us we can get stronger. Let’s see what happens in the future. I have good faith in our team, they are pushing so hard and we are fast. A bit more of pushing and we will be on the top”.

Car #7 J.M. Latvala / M. Anttila (Toyota Yaris WRC): “I stalled the engine, my mistake. I just tried to come too quick in a left hand corner. The ruts were quite deep and I stalled the engine. That is my mistake”.

Car #11 C. Breen / S. Martin (Citroën C3 WRC): “Not the best I could get. I am sorry, it is difficult, I want to be a winner and be at the front. I need to work on why I can’t get it together across the weekend I know we have the potential, just have patience please”.

Car #12 M. Ostberg / T. Eriksen (Citroën C3 WRC): “We are at the end of the rally, so I am quite happy with a lot of things we have achieved this weekend. For sure it is not so nice when we find ourselves in situations where we do not feel it is working and it is a day like that today. Not comfortable at all. ”.

Car #6 H. Paddon / S. Marshall (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “We obviously wanted more, things did not click this weekend. But we wanted a clean rally this weekend and we got that, it is nice to finish the rally for the first time in three years. We have to push on now and take a little bit of confidence from this and start taking a few more risks in the next rally. I am hopeful that Thierry can win. I am very intrigued to see what happens”.

Car #9 E. Lappi / J. Ferm (Toyota Yaris WRC): “P3 feels really good, after the challenges in the first part of the year. We had few chances to get on the podium before but I did mistakes. I think we deserve it, thanks to J. [co driver] and to the team as well, nice weekend”.

Car #5 T. Neuville / N. Gilsoul (Hyundai i20 Coupé WRC): “I had to try. I gave everything. I just want to thank the team for the great car I had this weekend. Being first on the road is a huge struggle here. Huge performance by the whole team. We tried, what happened at the end of last stage will have consequences. We have to see.”.

Car #1 S. Ogier / J. Ingrassia (Ford Fiesta WRC):”I tried everything I could today. Was always losing few tents here and there. The last stage was super rough, like always. Huge rocks in the end I made two mistakes where I went out of the line and that is where I lost it today. But there were a lot of places in the weekend where I could save a few tenths. Yesterday I stalled at the start of the stage, I lost 3s easily. That is how it is. We lost the battle but not the war. It’s is OK, six rallies to go. Still no time to panic. This weekend he was lucky with the rain. Plenty of chances to catch up”.