Protected: Media roadbook (28/05/2018 - 316.3 KB)
Protected: Media safety book (23/05/2018 - 40.3 MB)
Mappa interattiva Shakedown – Shakedown interactive map (18/05/2018 - 79.5 KB)
Mappa interattiva giorno 1 – Day 1 interactive map (18/05/2018 - 98.2 KB)
Mappa interattiva giorno 2 – Day 2 interactive map (18/05/2018 - 420.6 KB)
Mappa interattiva giorno 3 – Day 3 interactive map (18/05/2018 - 605.2 KB)
Mappa interattiva giorno 4 – Day 4 interactive map (18/05/2018 - 192.4 KB)
KMZ del percorso – Itinerary KMZ (18/05/2018 - 738.0 KB)
Elenco iscritti – Entry list (17/05/2018 - 111.6 KB)
Mappa generale – Overview map (07/05/2018 - 378.6 KB)
Giorno 1 – Day 1 (07/05/2018 - 1.3 MB)
Giorno 2 – Day 2 (07/05/2018 - 1.5 MB)
Giorno 3 – Day 3 (07/05/2018 - 1.4 MB)
Tabella tempi e distanze – Itinerary (05/04/2018 - 300.9 KB)


International Media Accreditation

As a round of the FIA World Rally Championship, Rally Italia Sardegna will strictly follow the guidelines and procedures for media accreditation set out by the FIA. Please carefully follow the instructions below, making sure all the requested information are included and forwarded to the correct address and person. Failure to follow the correct procedures will delay the applications process.
Rally Italia Sardegna considers the “Media Pass” a working tool to be used only by members of the press. Under no circumstances will advertising, public relations agencies or similar companies and organisation be accredited as media, nor will Rally Italia Sardegna issue any accreditation to representatives (press officers or otherwise) of sponsors, suppliers, teams, drivers, etc.

Accreditation Criteria

All accreditation requests will be evaluated and approved by the FIA WRC Media Delegate according to the following principles and procedures:

  • Respect of the accreditation deadline
  • Compliance with the requested elements of the procedure
  • Commitment of coverage devoted to Rally Italia Sardegna
  • Match with circulation and quality criteria All international media should refer to the Accreditation Guidelines for the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship. This document can be found on the FIA website.

International Media

Representatives of the international media will be accredited directly by the FIA. Please apply
following the Accreditation Guidelines for the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship. This document can be found on the FIA website. All international requests from publications, agencies and websites for rally-by-rally or permanent accreditations must be made online. First time applicants (publications / agencies / websites) must register before any accreditation can be submitted. The WRC online application can be found on the FIA website at the following link:

Deadline: Applications for Rally Italia Sardegna must reach the FIA Communications Department by Wednesday 16 May 2018.

FIA Communications Department
Place de la Concorde, 75008 Paris
Ph: +33 (0) 1 4312 5812 8,
Fax: +33 (0) 1 4312 5818

If the application is successful, an Accreditation Agreement will be included in the confirmation email. Please make sure that each representative has this document with them when they arrive at the event to collect their credentials.


Radio, TV broadcasters and electronic media

Radio/Television/Websites and any other electronic media must send their Media Accreditation request by the 16th May 2018 to:

The Sportsman Media Group GmbH
Cuvillie’s Strasse, 25
81679 Munich Germany