The latest certification by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile in terms of environment protection rewarded the Italian round of WRC with three Stars. This is another trademark for excellence obtained by the World Rally Championship round by Automobile Club d’Italia.

“The organizers of WRC Rally Italia Sardegna showed a very high level of commitment in terms of environment awareness and invested a lot to follow and implement the best practices in terms of environment protection. Among the most significant aspects examined by the inspector during the event, the Environment Management System developed and implemented and the Environment Team (belonging to ACI) that has defined itself as the “Fabulous Team”. This extract from the report written by the FIA delegated inspector that assessed the Rally Italia Sardegna 2018 highlights excellent results regarding the environment impact of the WRC round. This evaluation contributed to reward the Italian event with 3 Stars rating in the FIA Environmental Certification Framework.


The FIA Action Environment is one of the programmes promoted by the International Federation which the whole motorsport sector, and rally in particular, is focusing on with increasing commitment and efforts. Regarding the RIS, the event had already been singled out by FIA as one of the recognized excellences due to its reduced environment impact and land care. The “Progress Toward Excellence” award was the starting point for RIS 2018 that represented the 2nd of the 3 steps to adhere to the sustainability plans that involved all-round interventions promoted by ACI’s Technical Area. The Automobile Club d’Italia, that has put environment themes as one of the main points of its offer, devoting special care to the promotion of the territory through sporting events, continued to promote several initiatives, especially in the zones housing the rally.

Civics and environment protection are part of the message delivered to young generations for years now through the “WRC nelle Scuole” program (WRC into Schools). The program visits primary and secondary schools of the municipalities housing the Rally Italia Sardegna and is finding more and more consent over the years. Prior to this recent edition, it involved about 1000 students in 10 different schools. “Explaining to students that a rally car pollutes less than a road car amazes them. Getting kids to plant a tree in the school green contributes to educate them to the values of environment protection and definitely leaves a lasting mark. This is a message that they will contribute to pass on” the spokemen  of the education program explained. This program contributed to make the students of the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore of Alghero Angelo Roth environment tutors. Thanks to the work-linked training some of them became also inspectors of environment protection showing their presence among the teams at the assistance park and among spectators along the roads of the event to monitor then and report their origin, travels and environment priorities. “WRC into Schools” is one of the success items that stood up in FIA’s analysis. Waste management and emissions monitoring have also been strong points that allowed RIS organizers to shine in practical terms. This added up to the actions performed during the event, particularly regarding waste disposal and environmental awareness, policies implemented through solid routines to enforce regulations set by the authorities. Another distinguishing point was the commitment toward the computation and monitoring of the Carbon Footprint, an analysis that was carried out through a program supported also by the Schools.